about cinematic randomness

Welcome to cinematic randomness, a web site specifically dedicated entirely to my random and often spontaneous viewing habits. You find an ever increasing range of film reviews spanning the many genres, with an emphasis on bringing attention to forgotten and overlooked titles.


the reviewer 

My name is Kevin Bechaz and my love for movies began at very young age when I was introduced to Back to the Future by my eldest cousin; followed shortly after was my very first trip to the local cinema where I saw Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Since then my passion for cinema has only continued to grow, spending most of my spare time devoted to the medium; watching, collecting and reviewing a wide variety of features.

a final word

I hope you find my reviews and general content insightful and of a diverse selection. You can keep up and interact with me on social media by following me on Facebook and Twitter, where I am most active. Thank for taking the taking the time out of your day  to visit cinematic randomness!