Specialising in genre favourites and cult classics, 101 Films in the UK is a bridge between U.S. boutique labels, namely Scream Factory, and region B territories. I’ve covered a modest selection, including a few from the American Genre Film Archive range.

Blu-ray Review: Bob Clark Horror Collection

Piecing together Bob Clark’s filmography on DVD and Blu-ray would likely prove an expensive endeavour, especially considering the wave of horror movies made during the filmmaker’s earlier years, but 101 Films in the UK have created the simply named, Bob Clark Horror Collection. Showcasing three titles, Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, Deathdream and Black …

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Blu-ray Review: Scary Movie (1991)

Nine years before the Wayans brothers delivered their relentless spoof of late 90s horror, Austin-based filmmaker, Daniel Erickson, made his feature-length directorial debut with what was probably the deliberately unimaginatively titled, Scary Movie. – Available now on Blu-ray from 101 Films in the UK, under their American Genre Film Archive line. Set on Halloween night …

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