Think of any movie and chances are it was released by Eureka Entertainment at one point or another; from Wake in Fright to Mr. Vampire. Based in the UK, the quality and presentation of Eureka’s contribution to physical media are unmatched.


Blu-ray Review: Vampyr (1932)

Upon first glance, it’s very apparent that Vampyr is not your conventional vampire film nor silent film or early “talkie”. It’s an oddity in almost every respect, but nonetheless creepy, and now the French-German classic is coming to Blu-ray on May 30 from UK label Eureka Entertainment via a Limited Edition with extras charting the …

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Blu-ray Review: Prophecy (1979)

I first came to learn heard of Prophecy while reading an article about the passing of actress Victoria Racimo, late last year, who many of us film fans know as Nurse St. Cloud in Ernest Goes to Camp. Coincidentally, both movies have a prominent Native American element, but unlike the aforementioned screw-ball comedy, Prophecy explores a …

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