Without question, the most prominent label in Australia, Via Vision Entertainment is a physical media treasure trove for collectors, with countless releases spanning both film and television along with some of the 4K Ultra HD editions on the market.


“What’s your glitch?” REALITY BITES (1994) – review

Generation X is defined as people born between the years 1965 and 1980; the offspring of baby boomers, who were given their own cinematic portrait with The Big Chill.  By the 1990s the up-and-coming youth were portrayed in several teen and 20-something related films, perhaps most memorably in Reality Bites. Available now on Blu-ray from

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Shock Treatment: Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II – review

I doubt many horror fans were expecting a new release of Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies, given their divisive reputation, but Via Vision Entertainment clearly see some value in the aggressive October onslaught by releasing both the theatrical and extended cuts in one Ultimate Edition set, available now on Blu-ray complete with the mammoth making-of documentary,

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Blu-ray Review: Stargate (1994)

I ruined several VHS tapes and my parent’s VCR through constant rewinds of various titles, namely, The ‘Burbs, Waterworld and Stargate. Thankfully, home video is far less mechanical these days. Now, light years from that Channel 7 recording I cherished so much during the mid-90s, Via Vision has released the Ultimate Edition of Roland Emmerich’s

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DVD Review: The Murder of Mary Phagan (TV 1988)

Miniseries haven’t decreased in popularity, but like most television these days, they’re designed for binge-watching. However, Via Vision has recently unearthed a traditional classic two-parter, The Murder of Mary Phagan, available now on DVD for the very first time in Australia. Based on a true story, Leo Frank (Peter Gallagher) a factory manager in Atlanta,

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