Blu-ray Review: Lenny (1974)

Imprint hasn’t released many comedies over the past three years, and their December release of Bob Fosse’s sophisticated biography/drama, Lenny is far from a barrel of laughs. Nonetheless, the film is a powerful, thought-provoking classic that charts the rise and fall of stand-up comedian, Lenny Bruce. Through his cutting style of humour and commentary, he

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Alligator (1980) & Alligator II: The Mutation (1991) – review

Here in Australia, especially during summer, life is a never-ending creature feature. Surprisingly our array of creepy-crawlies and large reptiles are rarely subject to cinematic exploitation. By contrast, in the United States, almost every member of the animal kingdom has at one time been a star, like an alligator – a titular monster of the

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Review: Bottoms (2023)

During September, I resigned myself to the sad reality of not being able to see Bottoms in theatres, but by a stroke of good fortune, my small-town multiplex, gave the LGBT comedy a brief run with semi-convenient session times for its November 30th Australian release. In a violent scheme to bed some babes before graduation,

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