America’s olden independent label, VCI Entertainment has a real knack for bringing obscurities into the mainstream sphere, from Hollywood’s golden age to Mexican horror classics, often via stunning restorations.

Blu-ray Review: Rain (1932)

Embittered by the seemingly endless rain, a couple of Creedence’s songs have been getting more plays in my head than Spotify, so I decided to embrace this lingering deluge that has plagued the spring months by watching the pre-code classic, Rain, starring a young Joan Crawford. Generously supplied by VCI Entertainment, who have put together …

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Blu-ray Review: A Family Like Many Others (1949)

VCI Entertainment has been releasing various Mexican classics over the past two years, mostly titles horror titles, but among the most prominent dramas is A Family Like Many Others (originally titled, Una Familia de Tantas), currently available on Blu-ray for the very for time. Set within an affluent Mexican household, this seemingly wholesome story takes …

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Blu-ray Review: The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (1960)

VCI Entertainment’s relatively new line, Classics of Mexican Cinema, has grown significantly over the past twelve months with a batch of varied genres, ranging from family drama to superhero capers. Their most popular title, which has been subject to all but numerous praise within online film communities is The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales, a darkly-comedic …

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Blu-ray Review: The Mysterious Mr. M (1946)

VCI Entertainment, the oldest independent distributor of film and television in the United States released Universal’s 137th and last film serial, The Mysterious Mr. M, on Blu-ray last November. It’s an intriguing pre-television format that practically invented the cliff-hanger ending before The Italian Job did it literally. Divided into 13 chapters that come in at …

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