When COVID-19 was closing everything in 2020, Imprint Films, a premium sub-label of Via Vision Entertainment, emerged and physical media in Australia has since been all the better for it.

Forgotten War: Pork Chop Hill (1959) – review

Before the equally appetising title, Hamburger Hill, there was Pork Chop Hill; a major studio feature that strayed from the tradition of glorifying America’s heroism in World War II in favour of a brief chapter on the Korean War. Imprint Films brought this lesser-known classic to Blu-ray this past December, which details the literal uphill …

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High Def Touchdown: North Dallas Forty (1979) – review

Widely hailed as not only one the best American football movies, but one of best sports movies of all time, North Dallas Forty continues to score touchdowns with film audiences and it’s winning more fans thanks to its debut Blu-ray release from Imprint Films in Australia, limited to 1500 copies. Directed by Ted Kotcheff, this …

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Blu-ray Review: Barfly (1987)

Cannon Films were far from achieving the upper echelon of quality moviemaking in their heyday, but the notorious production company pumped out a few gems, such as Barfly, now available on Blu-ray from the more profitable Imprint Films. Starring former Hollywood rebel, turned Instagram figure, Mickey Rourke, this cinematic night-cap follows the exploits of poet/writer …

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