No other company has done more of Australian cinema than Umbrella Entertainment – the home of Ozploitaion, but the Melbourne-based label is also responsible for some of the most random and outrageous Blu-ray releases on the market.

Blu-ray Review: Undead (2003)

Beyond Genres was a sub-label conceived and launched in 2018 by Umbrella Entertainment, with the aim to champion specific genre titles that are more seminal than most, such as Re-Animator and Razorback for example. Now among the latest batch of releases is the Australian ‘almost cult classic’ Undead; a product of 80s horror that ran

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Blu-ray Review: Head On (1998)

I grew up on stereotypes, with the term, ‘Wog’, in my vocabulary, often used by my father in both an affectionate and derogatory manner, which was sometimes simultaneous. While I often laughed at the many blanket notions made towards certain ethnic groups, mainly Greeks and Italians, I was always fascinated by different cultures and traditions.

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