Review: The Exorcism (2024)

We’re already in June and the year so far has been especially demonic as far as the horror genre is concerned, but nothing new has been brought to the table, or pentagram. However, director and screenwriter Joshua John Miller makes a fair effort toward originality with The Exorcism – in which a troubled actor, played

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“You’re f***ing kidding me” A Shock to the System – review

Straight outta nowhere, 101 Films dropped the slightly obscure Michael Caine classic, A Shock to the System, on a standard release Blu-ray, which became available on May 27th.  – This darkly comedic crime-thriller follows an overlooked corporate employee, Graham Marshall, who develops a delusion of invincibility after a freak accident, enabling him to climb his

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Wormsign: DUNE (1984) – review

Screen adaptations, particularly those of the science-fiction variety, tend to stand on their merit. However, the recent two-part rendering of Frank Herbert’s Dune has brushed aside the unique vision brought to the screen much earlier by David Lynch. Via Vision Entertainment have rightfully countered this sentiment with a monumental Blu-ray release of the 1984 epic.

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