Oh, the evil of it all! – THE FIRST OMEN (2024) review

Not including the 2006 remake, 20th Century Fox laid The Omen series to rest in 1991 with the made-for-television feature, Omen IV: The Awakening, and in the year that followed, Whoopie Goldberg re-energized Catholicism with the musical comedy, Sister Act. Over the subsequent decades, studios have merged, nuns are now scary, and a franchise is

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Welcome to Primetime: Late Night with the Devil (2023) – review

Melbourne’s Dockland Studios opened in 2004, as a bold artistic representation of the city’s growing ambition to be on the world stage and to claw back some lucrative media position from rival locations. Ghost Rider (2005) was the first major American film shot at the new location and quickly became the highest-grossing film made in

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Review: Immaculate (2024)

Satan is on the prowl in theatres with The First Omen followed by Late Night with the Devil opening next month, and currently, screening is the new psychological horror, Immaculate – released on March 21st across Australia through Rialto Distribution. Sister Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney) travels to Italy on invitation to join a convent located in

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Blu-ray Review: Fear City (1984)

101 Films’ very collectable Black Label has attached some salacious classics from dark alleys of cinema, with the latest and one of its most worthy titles, Fear City from mad-man director Abel Ferrara – released May 18th on a Limited-Edition Blu-ray. Tom Berenger stars in this violent neo-noir as ex-boxer-turned-talent-manager, Matt Rossi, who finds himself

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Blu-ray Review: Houdini

If you’ve watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles, you need not worry, as the line about Harry Houdini’s fate delivered by John Candy is not a spoiler to the classic biography/drama, Houdini, starring Tony Curtis, which was released on Blu-ray last year by Signal One Entertainment in the UK. World-renowned escape artist, Harry Houdini had been

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Blu-ray Review: Lenny (1974)

Imprint hasn’t released many comedies over the past three years, and their December release of Bob Fosse’s sophisticated biography/drama, Lenny is far from a barrel of laughs. Nonetheless, the film is a powerful, thought-provoking classic that charts the rise and fall of stand-up comedian, Lenny Bruce. Through his cutting style of humour and commentary, he

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