Blu-ray Review: Maléna (2000)

If you were a teenage moviegoer in the early 2000s you’ll no doubt remember Monica Bellucci trying to make out with everyone in the Matrix sequels, as the A.I. programmed, Persephone, who was conveniently trying to experience human emotion. Prior to her appearance in the science-fiction mediocrity, the Italian star starred in the erotic drama …

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Ambiguous Terror: The Haunting of Julia (1977) – review

We’re almost at the three-year-anniversary of Imprint Films, which is 2020, reinvigorated the physical media market in Australia. Earlier this month they raised the bar with their release of The Haunting of Julia (aka Full Circle); a sought-after supernatural horror story starring Mia Farrow. After the tragic death of her daughter, an American woman living …

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