Blu-ray Review: Lenny (1974)

Imprint hasn’t released many comedies over the past three years, and their December release of Bob Fosse’s sophisticated biography/drama, Lenny is far from a barrel of laughs. Nonetheless, the film is a powerful, thought-provoking classic that charts the rise and fall of stand-up comedian, Lenny Bruce. Through his cutting style of humour and commentary, he

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Speakeasy: Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994) – review

Imprint Films have somewhat of a track record of weeding out classic titles that have slipped into relative obscurity since their well-publicized theatrical run, with Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle being one of the most recent examples, which was released on Blu-ray back in August. Robert Altman protégée, Alan Rudolph, directs this very sociable

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Blu-ray Review: Maléna (2000)

If you were a teenage moviegoer in the early 2000s you’ll no doubt remember Monica Bellucci trying to make out with everyone in the Matrix sequels, as the A.I. programmed, Persephone, who was conveniently trying to experience human emotion. Prior to her appearance in the science-fiction mediocrity, the Italian star starred in the erotic drama

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