DVD Review: Slotherhouse (2023)

Nature has well and truly been on the loose this year in “Movieland”, with Cocaine Bear, Black Demon, Meg 2 and now the slasher, Slotherhouse (adding to Word’s dictionary) that arrived on DVD last week from Eagle Entertainment. Desperate to win popularity among her sorority sisters, Emily adopts a sloth that unbeknownst to her, has

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Mexican Horror Double – review

As fate would have it, my exploration of classic Mexican cinema continued the same day as my favourite Mexican restaurant, Arriba Cantina, re-opened after two long burrito-deprived years. After narrowly avoiding a food coma, I pressed play on this “Mexican Horror Classic Double Feature” comprising of Ladron De Cadaveres (aka the Body Snatcher) and El

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Speakeasy: Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994) – review

Imprint Films have somewhat of a track record of weeding out classic titles that have slipped into relative obscurity since their well-publicized theatrical run, with Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle being one of the most recent examples, which was released on Blu-ray back in August. Robert Altman protégée, Alan Rudolph, directs this very sociable

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