Review: The Exorcism (2024)

We’re already in June and the year so far has been especially demonic as far as the horror genre is concerned, but nothing new has been brought to the table, or pentagram. However, director and screenwriter Joshua John Miller makes a fair effort toward originality with The Exorcism – in which a troubled actor, played by Russell Crowe, is consumed by an evil force while making a possession film.

Wes Craven gave us a sizeable dose of “meta” in the 90s with New Nightmare, and Scream to a lesser extent. Miller brings this self-referential style to The Exorcism but on a more intimate level, giving the viewer a detailed look at the filmmaking process as our lead grapples with the character he’s cast to portray. With obvious allusions to The Exorcist, in which Miller’s father, Jason Miller starred, there’s an extra personal touch, and Crowe gives a very sincere and vulnerable performance as more or less that same tormented figure from the 1973 classic.

Unfortunately, the elements that make The Exorcism unique are abruptly dissolved halfway through the feature, resulting in another generic story of demonic possession with the same recycled trauma-based formula. Furthermore, the film becomes quite patchy in regard to the narrative, with some supporting characters no longer present and there’s a lack of context for certain scenes. It almost feels like to two separate movies stitched together haphazardly. However, it’s a fairly brisk 90 minutes, which is a good fit for the genre, but overall, it’s only marginally entertaining.

On a more positive note, I did enjoy David Hyde Pierce as Father Conor, who brings a feeling of genuine comfort amidst the film’s dark and sinister nature. Sam Worthington appears in an oddly small supporting part. I feel like there was more for him to do that never materialised. Russell Crowe does much of the film’s heavy lifting and while it’s not the sequel to The Pope’s Exorcist that I’m super keen for, I am enjoying him in horror movies.

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(2024, director: Joshua John Miller)



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