Review: Long Shot (2019)

It’s amazing what a trailer can hook you with whether it be a witty one-liner or one of the supporting cast members. For me, Long Shot had me hooked the moment David Bowie’s rock ballad Modern Love kicked in at full volume, which sadly never made it into the film itself, but is a well-played …

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Blu-ray Review: Tully (2018)

Films about the monotonous routine of domestic life are far from rare in mainstream cinema, particular those centred around maternal figures and the thankless tasks that fill their busy days. Departing from the usual superficial take, Jason Reitman’s new comedy-drama Tully delves much deeper, following a mother of three young children who hires a night …

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Review: Atomic Blonde (2017)

Resonating from the trailers and posters, there’s a retro ambiance to Atomic Blonde that’s almost impossible to ignore; even if you’re too busy to give the latest action sensation your full attention. If you were like me over a week ago, intrigued but on the fence, allow me to give you a push. We’re tossed …

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