Blu-ray Review: Barfly (1987)

Cannon Films were far from achieving the upper echelon of quality moviemaking in their heyday, but the notorious production company pumped out a few gems, such as Barfly, now available on Blu-ray from the more profitable Imprint Films. Starring former Hollywood rebel, turned Instagram figure, Mickey Rourke, this cinematic night-cap follows the exploits of poet/writer

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Blu-ray Review: Mommie Dearest (1981)

Arriving in time for its 40th anniversary, Mommie Dearest, the outrageous and controversial biography-drama has debuted on Blu-ray in Australia under Shock Entertainment’s dedicated sub-label, Cinema Cult. Adapted from Christina Crawford’s autobiography of the same name, this well-known and very quotable classic centres around Hollywood icon, Joan Crawford and her struggles with being a mother

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