Blu-ray Review: Long Day’s Journey into Night (1962)

I hadn’t heard of Long Day’s Journey into Night until I came across the 1987 television production, days after Kevin Spacey’s swift #MeToo downfall. While I couldn’t help being fascinated by the subject matter, I was turned off by the actor’s presence. Now, the first big-screen adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s classic play comes to Blu-ray

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Cinema Cult: Serpico (1973)

From the early-to-mid 1970s Al Pacino was king; an actor like no one had seen before, who brought an unmatched level of intensity and realism to the big screen.  One of his most popular and acclaimed performances comes as the titular character in Sidney Lumet’s riveting crime/drama Serpico, which resurfaced on Blu-ray earlier this month

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