Blu-ray Review: Marooned (1969)

Space exploration presented an exciting and hopeful new endeavour for mankind, but with any new frontier, comes danger and risk. Marooned offers the possible scenario of being trapped high above in Earth’s breathtaking orbit when three astronauts are unable to return due to a mechanical failure onboard their spacecraft. With their oxygen-limited to only 48 […]

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DVD Review: The Outsider (1961)

Many classics from Hollywood’s Golden Age haven’t aged partially well in retrospect, and for good reason, but if you can look past the creative choices, specifically casting, often, there are still good movies to enjoy. The Outsider is a modest example of this, which stars Tony Curtis as Native American, Ira Hamilton Hayes, a real-life

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Blu-ray Review: Ghost Story aka Circle of Fear (1972-73)

Via Vision Entertainment continues to fill the void in Australia’s physical media market with classic television. Titles that would otherwise likely be relegated to streaming service. One that’s lesser-known to audiences, especially nowadays, is Ghost Story aka Circle of Fear, a short-lived anthology series that explores various supernatural themes. Now the horror show is on

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