Musical Review: Into the Woods (Class Act productions Inc.)

Class Act Productions’ second show for 2017 kicked off last night with the first of four performances of Into the Woods. Inspired by the Brothers Grimm we follow a fairy tale ensemble that explores the cause and effect paradox while venturing beyond that magical phrase of “…and they loved happily ever after.”

Undeterred by the show’s size and ambition, Class Act have relished the opportunity to present Into the Woods to local audiences. Minimal but impressive sets are effective throughout, pivotal in capturing the style and atmosphere of the fanciful world in which our story takes place. An extensive array of songs conveys the poignant themes of desire and loss, with additional subtext alluding to a more metaphorical nature that isn’t found in a children’s book. Liam Charleston is emphatic in the principal role of “The Baker”, a rising star among Class Act’s growing stable of talent. Other notable performances from Zoe Czempinski as the worrisome “Baker’s Wife”, Ethan Deterring as the good natured giant-slayer “Jack” and as the stories objective observer “Narrator/Mysterious Man” long-time performer John Molden fills the shoes with great ease.

If this miserable weather we’re facing here in Gippsland is getting you down, brave the cold and warm yourself to the delightful experience of Into the Woods, an exciting and intricate journey beyond the pages of your favourite bed time stories.   

(2017, dir: Michael Mendez, Mandie Black, David Williams)


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