Netflix: Verónica (2017)

Six months after playing with an Ouija board, Madrid teenager Estafania Gutierrez Lazaro died suddenly and inexplicably in August of 1991. Known as the “Vallecas” case, the series of events which allegedly took place have often been likened to the controversial Enfield Poltergeist case in Britain. Spanish director Paco Plaza, creator of the popular [REC]

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Netflix: The Ritual (2017)

Three years ago when Netflix officially arrived in Australia the underwhelming amount of content in comparison to the paradise of choice enjoyed elsewhere barely justified the monthly subscription fee. Now I feel the streaming service earns its keep every time I log in, with new titles appearing almost daily. One of the latest acquisitions is

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Netflix: Gerald’s Game (2017)

We’re in the middle of quite the Stephen King reissuance with big screen adaptations of The Dark Tower and IT making waves with fans and the general movie-going public, the latter of which becoming the highest grossing horror film in history. Now streaming giant Netflix have entered the ring with the spellbinding and suspenseful Gerald’s

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Netflix: Mascots (2016)

I’ve loved the mockumentaries of Christopher Guest ever since I caught A Mighty Wind on Foxtel over ten years ago; although I’ve always found it difficult to describe his distinctive brand of comedy. Having given it some serious thought in preparation for this review, I would describe Guest’s style as affectionately satirical mixed with traits

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