Without question, the most prominent label in Australia, Via Vision Entertainment is a physical media treasure trove for collectors, with countless releases spanning both film and television along with some of the 4K Ultra HD editions on the market.


DVD Review: All Quiet on the Western Front (TV 1979)

War movies are often told from the “good guys” perspective, depicting tales of triumph and courage in a very black and white fashion. Although, a more balanced take was attempted with the Hollywood epic, The Longest Day, in which the monumental D-Day landing portrayed a gung-ho Allied force against an over-confident German war machine. Another …

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DVD Review: Jack the Ripper (TV 1988)

Screened on British television over two nights to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Whitechapel murders, Jack the Ripper re-ignited the public’s fascination with the now mythical cloaked killer. Available now on DVD from Via Vision Entertainment this award-winning two-parter stars Michael Caine stars as Scotland Yard Inspector Frederick Abberline, a skilled but hard-drinking …

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DVD Review: Pufnstuf (1970)

H.R Pufnstuf was very much a product of its time. While aimed at children, there was clearly something on offer for older viewers, particularly those who like to indulge in mind-altering substances. Now thanks to Via Vision Entertainment fans can once again go on a trip with the feature film prequel of the shot-lived cult …

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DVD Review: Kennedy (TV Mini-Series 1983)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, his initials especially, still live in the public lexicon, spanning generations. His name is synonymous with hope, equality, progress and of course, countless conspiracy theories pertaining to his public assassination. He’s been portrayed on screen many times by actors ranging from Cliff Robertson to Michel C. Hall, but in between for the …

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DVD Review: Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Seasons Five – Seven)

Via Vision Entertainment has really stepped things up this year in bringing more classic television to physical media, including the ground-breaking series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which came in two separate box sets. Seasons Five to Seven, spanning from 1959 to 1962, is the latter half and arguably a more refined and creative offering of 25-minute …

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