Welcome to Primetime: Late Night with the Devil (2023) – review

Melbourne’s Dockland Studios opened in 2004, as a bold artistic representation of the city’s growing ambition to be on the world stage and to claw back some lucrative media position from rival locations. Ghost Rider (2005) was the first major American film shot at the new location and quickly became the highest-grossing film made in […]

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Blu-ray Review: Undead (2003)

Beyond Genres was a sub-label conceived and launched in 2018 by Umbrella Entertainment, with the aim to champion specific genre titles that are more seminal than most, such as Re-Animator and Razorback for example. Now among the latest batch of releases is the Australian ‘almost cult classic’ Undead; a product of 80s horror that ran

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Blu-ray Review: Head On (1998)

I grew up on stereotypes, with the term, ‘Wog’, in my vocabulary, often used by my father in both an affectionate and derogatory manner, which was sometimes simultaneous. While I often laughed at the many blanket notions made towards certain ethnic groups, mainly Greeks and Italians, I was always fascinated by different cultures and traditions.

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