No other company has done more of Australian cinema than Umbrella Entertainment – the home of Ozploitaion, but the Melbourne-based label is also responsible for some of the most random and outrageous Blu-ray releases on the market.

Blu-ray Review: Paprika (2006)

Anime titles are in no short supply here in Australia but are mostly distributed by a single label. However, the very genre-oriented, Umbrella Entertainment has a couple in their catalogues, such as Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers and the director’s final film, Paprika, which recently landed on shelves. We enter a reality where therapists have the […]

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Blu-ray Review: Stone (1974)

After years of releasing various Ozploitaion Classics, the well is far from dry as Umbrella Entertainment has recently restored and unleashed one of the genre’s most seminal titles, Stone, under their re-branded sub-label. Directed, produced, and co-written by Sandy Harbutt, this anti-establishment two-wheel journey follows an outlaw motorbike gang, the Grave Diggers, the target of

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DVD Review: David Gulpilil – Walkabout to Hollywood (1980)

Previously thought to be lost, Bill Leimbach’s BBC documentary David Gulpilil: Walkabout to Hollywood has made its DVD debut forty-two years after the film’s initial release thanks to Umbrella Entertainment, who have released many films in Gulpilil’s filmography. After his breakout performance in Nicolas Roeg’s spiritual drama Walkabout, aboriginal actor, dancer and musician, David Gulpilil,

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