No other company has done more of Australian cinema than Umbrella Entertainment – the home of Ozploitaion, but the Melbourne-based label is also responsible for some of the most random and outrageous Blu-ray releases on the market.

DVD Review: LBJ (2016)

Since its premier at the 2016 New Orleans Film Festival, Rob Reiner’s independent biography drama LBJ has floated around select cinemas across the globe, with a brief run in Australia from late March to early April 2018. Now available on DVD through distributor Umbrella Entertainment, this presidential feature focuses on a small but significant chapter […]

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Umbrella Entertainment: The Return of Captain Invincible (1983)

You probably didn’t know that not only is The Return of Captain Invincible an Australian film, but our very first superhero movie (not to mention a rare hybrid musical to boot). Dwelling in the abysses of alcoholism, a retired Captain Invincible, played by American actor Alan Arkin, has been living in Australia long since his

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