Blu-ray Review: Cujo (1983)

I remember my introduction to rabies came via a re-run episode of Diff’rent Strokes in which Arnold is bitten by a dog that’s suspected of being rabid. While the show highlighted the severity of contracting the disease, it was nothing compared to the nightmare scenario presented in Stephen King’s Cujo, out now on Blu-ray and

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Review: It Chapter 2 (2019)

When you’re left with a newfound appreciation for the IT mini-series, you know something has gone terribly wrong with IT Chapter 2, the concluding chapter in Warner Bros.’ big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying best-seller. Continuing 27-years after the previous chapter, the now-adult ‘Losers’ must fulfil their childhood promise by returning for a final confrontation

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Review: Pet Sematary (2019)

With the entirety of the 1980s now thirty years ago, comes a new wave of anniversary milestones for a number of classics made during what was arguably the decade’s strongest year. In true Hollywood style, a remake of Pet Sematary pays homage to the original film adaptation, by going a little deep into Stephen King’s

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Netflix: Gerald’s Game (2017)

We’re in the middle of quite the Stephen King reissuance with big screen adaptations of The Dark Tower and IT making waves with fans and the general movie-going public, the latter of which becoming the highest grossing horror film in history. Now streaming giant Netflix have entered the ring with the spellbinding and suspenseful Gerald’s

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Review: IT (2017)

Along with countless Stephen King fans, I waited patiently for a big-screen adaptation of IT to emerge from development hell into production. When the wheels were finally put into motion last year I was excited but made a continuous decision to not grab a seat on the internet hype train. Now that I’ve seen 2017’s

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