Here you’ll find reviews/breakdowns of various disc-based releases from the distributors who were generous enough to provide screener copies; and you’ll no doubt notice my unwavering devotion to the aging SD format, DVD.

Review: Electric Boogaloo & Machete Maidens Unleashed!

Never has there been a history lesson in film so wildly entertaining thanks to Australian film-maker Mark Hartley, who in recent years has put together two exceptional documentary features that explore the goings-on behind two distinctive and ethically questionable eras of cinema. Together for the first time and presented in high-definition, Umbrella Entertainment have packaged …

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Review: Drive-In Delirium Maximum 80s Overdrive

Released earlier this week (March 1st) by Umbrella Entertainment accompanying Drive-In Delirium 60s & 70s Savagery, is an entire volume dedicated to possibly the most popular and celebrated decade in film, the extravagant and excessive 1980s. Upon pressing play we’re greeted with a very enticing commercial for Village Drive-In, showcasing the indulgent cuisine customary with …

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Classic Remake: The Blob (1988)

I can still remember quite vividly The Blob arriving at my local video store, fresh on VHS. An impressively sized standee stood at the counter and posters lined the front window, both of which prominently featured a human’s arm desperately reaching out from inside an ominous pink mass. As a cinematically curious five-year-old the idea …

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Ozploitation: The Man from Hong Kong (1975)

Umbrella Entertainment continue to provide a great service towards the preservation of Australian cinema. Raising the bar even higher with one of their latest Blu-ray releases, the ‘Ozploitaion’ classic, The Man from Hong Kong, boast an array of special features including extensive interviews, a making of featurette and much more, keeping fans engaged long after …

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DVD Review: Stork (1971)

Arriving on store shelves tomorrow (September 7th) is the Australian cult classic, Stork, thanks to local distribution house Umbrella Entertainment. This re-issued release comes with a generous amount of bonus content detailing the film’s conception to its triumph as a commercial success; the very first of the Australian New Wave. Striking a cord with the …

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