Think of any movie and chances are it was released by Eureka Entertainment at one point or another; from Wake in Fright to Mr. Vampire. Based in the UK, the quality and presentation of Eureka’s contribution to physical media are unmatched.


Blu-ray Review: The Specialists (1969)

Spaghetti westerns were once a dime a dozen back in the day; the Italian off-spring of Hollywood westerns with a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Eureka Entertainment have released Sergio Corbucci’s underrated classic, The Specialists (originally titled Gil Specialisti) on Blu-ray from a new 4K restoration complete with a Limited Edition O-Card slipcase and collector’s

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Blu-ray Review: Long Day’s Journey into Night (1962)

I hadn’t heard of Long Day’s Journey into Night until I came across the 1987 television production, days after Kevin Spacey’s swift #MeToo downfall. While I couldn’t help being fascinated by the subject matter, I was turned off by the actor’s presence. Now, the first big-screen adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s classic play comes to Blu-ray

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Blu-ray Review: Ironweed (1987)

I’m a big fan of Jack Nicholson. I practically grew up watching Batman and I think his performance in About Schmidt is among his most underappreciated, despite earning an Oscar nomination. Although, I’ve come to realise that there’s a large bulk if titles I haven’t seen, including until recently, Ironweed, which has made its Blu-ray

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