When COVID-19 was closing everything in 2020, Imprint Films, a premium sub-label of Via Vision Entertainment, emerged and physical media in Australia has since been all the better for it.

Blu-ray Review: Marooned (1969)

Space exploration presented an exciting and hopeful new endeavour for mankind, but with any new frontier, comes danger and risk. Marooned offers the possible scenario of being trapped high above in Earth’s breathtaking orbit when three astronauts are unable to return due to a mechanical failure onboard their spacecraft. With their oxygen-limited to only 48

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Blu-ray Review: The Parallax View (1974)

Assassinations plagued America’s political landscape during the 1960s with three public slayings, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and presidential hopeful, Robert F. Kennedy. Each was dismissed as the act of a “lone gunman”, but a nation’s grief and growing resentment towers the establishment and glaring questions, particularly over JFK’s death, fuelled numerous

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Blu-ray Review: Tam Lin (1970)

When the boutique label Imprint Films’ announced they were releasing Tam Lin, there was a collective “What?” uttered across social media by physical media collectors, but that’s by no means a knock against the film, just an indication of its level of obscurity. Based on the old fairy ballad from Scotland, Tam Lin or The Ballad

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