Without question, the most prominent label in Australia, Via Vision Entertainment is a physical media treasure trove for collectors, with countless releases spanning both film and television along with some of the 4K Ultra HD editions on the market.


Blu-ray Review: Ghost Story aka Circle of Fear (1972-73)

Via Vision Entertainment continues to fill the void in Australia’s physical media market with classic television. Titles that would otherwise likely be relegated to streaming service. One that’s lesser-known to audiences, especially nowadays, is Ghost Story aka Circle of Fear, a short-lived anthology series that explores various supernatural themes. Now the horror show is on […]

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DVD Review: Georgy Girl (1966)

Via Vision continue to expand their catalogue of classic titles into 60s British cinema with Georgy Girl; the modest story of a conventionally unattractive young woman, Georgy (Lynn Redgrave), who lives vicariously through the turbulent relationship of a roommate and her boyfriend. In between the trio’s tussles, our lead dodges the unwelcome advances of her

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DVD Review: The Keep (1983)

Michael Mann’s gothic classic seemed to be an uphill battle from the start, with a troubled production compounded by limitations set by the studio. Completed as three-and-a-half-hour film, a two-hour cut was assembled for test audiences which were not positive, so The Keep was again trimmed prior to release, coming in at just 96 minutes.

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DVD Review: Airport Collection

Spanning the course of an entire decade, Universal’s Airport series went from Oscar Nominations to the bottom the B-movie barrel. Now, forty years after the fourth and final joy flight, Airport: The Complete Air Crash Disaster Collection (I see what they did there) is out now on DVD from Australian distributor Via Vision Entertainment.  

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