Without question, the most prominent label in Australia, Via Vision Entertainment is a physical media treasure trove for collectors, with countless releases spanning both film and television along with some of the 4K Ultra HD editions on the market.


DVD Review: QB VII (TV 1974)

Winner of 6 Primetime Emmy Awards in 1975, miniseries QB VII (Queen’s Bench Seven) is adapted from Leon Uris’ worldwide best-selling novel and is out now on DVD, presumably for the first time in Australia, from Via Vision Entertainment. Encompassing the lives of two men, a Polish-born doctor is accused of having performed atrocious experiments

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DVD Review: Earthquake (1974)

Without question, I cite The Poseidon Adventure as the quintessential disaster movie for its characters, set design and well-thought-out execution. However, the urban destruction-filled epic, Earthquake, deserves its place within the popular 70s sub-genre, but more so for a visual spectacle.  Out now on a remastered DVD ‘Collector’s Edition’ from Via Vision Entertainment, various people

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DVD Review: Rollercoast (1977)

Coupled with disaster classic, Earthquake, the lesser-known Rollercoaster comes back to DVD, but this time uncut and remastered from Via Vision Entertainment. Boasting an ensemble cast of Hollywood’s finest, George Segal stars as an amusement park safety inspector who must track down a determined saboteur from targeting rollercoasters across America. What was once a studio

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DVD Review: Hard Times (1975)

I’ve seen a lot of Charles Bronson movies, but not nearly all of them. Hard Times ranks among my favourites from the blue-collar actor and marks the directorial debut of Walter Hill (The Warriors). Punching its way to DVD from Via Vision Entertainment earlier this month, the mid-70s classic takes audiences back to the midst

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